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Cooperative products

Cooperative products


Vacation Program

Holidays without accommodation costs, ie a week-long stay in cooperative or contracted destinations (approximately 2,700 destinations worldwide).



By purchasing PV you get a weekly stay in the mentioned destinations without the cost of accommodation, only for a replacement fee of 119 EUR per week and the whole apartment / hotel room. Alternatively, you will receive another unlimited number of significantly discounted holiday stays.

Outdoor Hot Tub
Caravan rental

Rental of caravans, caravans, reservation system. Traveling and living in a caravan brings with it amazing experiences. The positives include detachment and a wide range of options. That is why the members of the team chose this method of vacation. Members book their stays in cooperative facilities or trailers via the reservation system.

There are no caravan rental options available in the current offer.


Vacation Program Experiences

Cooperative services

Cooperative market and intermediation of financial products

Shopping in contracted e-shops and the Cooperative Market.

We prepare

Arranging insurance or mortgage and loan arrangements through licensed financial intermediaries or financial agents.

Services for entrepreneurs - mediation of the establishment of a trade and limited liability company, bookkeeping, payroll processing and tax returns.

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