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Cooperative projects

Green energy

Development of electromobility and charging stations

The cooperative supports the project of expanding residential charging stations in residential zones. The goal is to get income from every kw of electricity sold.


This project is carried out by the cooperative through the contractual partner Create Value s.r.o


The project based on the franchise principle supports the expansion of technologies for engine cleaning resp. DPF filters from carbon, thus contributing to cleaner air.

Payment gateway - PayBoard

The cooperative co-owns the licensed payment institution UPDN ONE sro from the Czech Republic. The aim is to obtain a share in the profit of the payment institution, as well as a remuneration from each intermediated turnover.

The cooperative financially supported the so-called payment gateway project. PayBoard, which is designed for e-shops, is suitable for corporate solutions with the existing client market.

Payment services

Platobné služby
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