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Hotel Raj

The cooperative is co-owned by Hotel Raj , which is gradually renovating it into a hotel of a high standard. The hotel is located in a beautiful location of the Slovak Paradise National Park.

Rental of movable property

The cooperative provides for rent to members and non-members a caravan and a caravan, as well as available holiday stays from the cooperative reservation system.

Starry Night

the cooperative owns an expert opinion valued know-how for obtaining investment capital - the so-called REFUND. The expert price of the know-how is EUR 1.15 million. The know-how is invested in the cooperative directly by its author, who has been building the project since 2001. The know-how is the property of the cooperative.

Business share in a payment institution

The cooperative owns a business share in the payment institution UPDN ONE sro in order to obtain a share in the profit from the activity of payment services.

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The cooperative owns receivables through its members, resp. owns approximately 53% of the total assets of the NFD (estimated at up to EUR 2 million).

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