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Mortgages and loans

Mortgages are a common part of today's life. Careful selection of the optimal solution is very important. Thanks to experience and cooperation with all banks in the market, we are able to find the most suitable mortgage for you. Aftercare and personal service are a matter of course for us.
Poistenie firemných vozidiel


Having your own living space is one of the basic needs of every person. It is not only related to the necessary sense of security and background (to have a place to return to), but it is also an expression of freedom and independence. Getting the dream of your own roof over your head is the biggest investment in life for most of us. Therefore, its funding needs to be properly prepared.

Our mortgage financing specialists will help you realize your dream. Whether you are buying a new apartment, you are going to build your own house or an extensive reconstruction of an older building, we can help you. We cooperate with a number of banks and help you not only find the most advantageous offer, but also arrange the necessary paperwork.


Car leasing is known as a product for financing your new car. Get an advantageous offer from our financial specialists and in combination with car insurance we guarantee you the most advantageous car financing offer on the market.

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Insurance of Natural Persons and their Property

Vehicle insurance

Travel insurance

Liability insurance

Life and health insurance

(risk life insurance)

Legal protection insurance

Insurance of Legal Entities and their Property

Company car insurance

Company property insurance

Income insurance

Liability insurance

Financial insurance

Agricultural insurance

Employee insurance


The company Tradičné družstvo informs the members of the cooperative as well as the public that the cooperative performs exclusively the activity of a tipper in the field of insurance and credit intermediation. Financial products for the members of the cooperative are mediated by contractual financial specialists cooperating with the cooperative: Ing. Peter Zágora (registration in the NBS under IČO: 45714959, registration number: 259243), and Finspace as (registration in the NBS under IČO: 53375173, registration number: 257478)

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